Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cellcraft - A Cell Organelle Game

The following link is to a wonderful resource for teaching functions of cellular organelles - I consider it to be appropriate for juniors and an intro for seniors.

In it, you play the roll of alien platypus scientists seeking to design and grow cells. The plot is fairly linear, but the cell science is spot on, and fairly addictive.

This would go quite well with a table-based worksheet with the headings: cell component; functions; produced by.

Cell components and concepts discussed are:
centrosome; pseudopod; ATP; glucose; mitochondria; nucleus; nucleic acids; amino acids; ribosomes; slicer proteins; endoplasmic reticulum; fatty acids; vesicles and membrane growth; peroxisomes; DNA repair enzymes; free radicals; golgi apparatus; lysosomes; chloroplasts; defensins; heat-production in mitochondria; viruses and viral reproduction strategies; and toxic vesicles (which could lead to neurotransmitter release with a bit of discussion).

The only hassle is that it would take some time for students to complete the whole game. Definitely more than one lesson. Movies can be skipped without loss of information, but if you do that, the plot elements are gone as well.

A walkthrough is available at

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